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Innovation and reliability: the CAE’s test field

June 2020

The video in which the new vice-president of CAE, Guido Bernardi, and the technical director, Lorenzo Giandomenico, talk about the new CAE’s test field is on-line: this important investment in innovation, inaugurated in 2019, is a unique asset of its kind and allows us...

Upgrade and expansion of the environmental monitoring network in the Region of Basilicata

May 2020

CAE wins the European tender which, in addition to the supply of new weather stations equipped with the latest generation technologies such as Mhaster Open Log dataloggers and PG10 rain gauges, provides for maintenance and updates of landslide, noise and radioactivity monitoring networks, the Mobile Water Laboratory and the Sodar - RASS system for air quality monitoring…

Hydrometeorological monitoring system of Lazio’s Region

May 2020

Today CAE is responsible for maintaining Lazio’s monitoring network, consisting of 238 stations, 42 repeaters and 1 control centre. The main measurements are related to the rainfall, the level and the flow rate of rivers, as 200 stations are equipped with rain gauges and 82 with hydrometers. Moreover, a system has been implemented on 10 hydrometric stations...

Farewell to Giancarlo Pedrini, entrepreneur and symbol of flood prevention in Italy and worldwide

April 2020

On April 13th, the Italian enterprise lost a real champion, someone who succeeded in doing business while improving the world we live in. Eng. Giancarlo Pedrini, member of the Rotary movement, friendly called Giancarlo by everyone, was one of the four founders of CAE S.p.A. of San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) and vice-president in charge until the last day. Always committed to reduce the risks connected to extreme weather events and hydrogeological instability...

Free web platform: the commitment of CAE to its customers during the lockdown

April 2020

During the lockdown period, in which it is important to work as much as possible from home, CAE has made every effort to help its customers performing monitoring activities in smart working mode. The company has allowed the free use of AEGIS, a Cloud web platform that...

Belgrade: the flood monitoring and warning system is "Made in Italy"

April 2020

The City of Belgrade, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNPD), has planned a 3-year cooperation within which CAE has won the tender for the supply of PG4i stand-alone rain-gauge stations, stations equipped with PG2R heated rain gauges, hydrometric stations, UHF repeaters...

The implementation of the Citizen’s Observatory begins

March 2020

The creation of the hydro-thermo-pluviometric monitoring network and the web and mobile platform will allow the implementation and management of the Citizen’s Observatory on the Brenta-Bacchiglione Mobile Operational Unit. The platform will allow us to coordinate...

CAE commitment to business continuity at the time of COViD-19 emergency

March 2020

The global community is facing a hard challenge for the upcoming weeks, fighting against the COViD-19 virus. As all of you know, CAE S.p.A. headquarters and main production facilities are located in Italy, one of the Countries the virus currently hit the hardest. Even though as of today there are no cases of traced contagion by COViD-19 among the Company staff, we are all living in a complicated period and we feel like a public notice can better explain what is going on here.

Georgia and Azerbaijan: Groundwater monitoring

February 2020

CAE returns to the Caucasus, winning a tender for the construction of a groundwater monitoring system in 6 locations between Georgia and Azerbaijan. The work is part of a project for the integrated management of water resources throughout the Kura river basin. This monitoring system will be used as a pilot for...

Maldives choose Italian technology again

February 2020

In the two years that followed the first important CAE contract in the archipelago, the Maldives Meteorological Service turned to the firm based in Bologna (Italy) for another 9 weather monitoring stations, a software system to integrate all the existing stations on the Maldivian territory, a public web portal to show real-time weather conditions and 2 PG4i stand-alone rain gauges.