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Early Warning System (EWS) in City of Užice, Serbia

December 2020

CAE in Serbia has won the tender for the supply and installation of hydrological, meteorological, climatological and rainfall equipment for the early warning system in the City of Užice within the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Project (MDRRP)...

PG4i, a “Made in Italy” solution appreciated all over the world

December 2020

The PG4i are autonomous rain gauges which, thanks to the integrated 3G modem and battery, are able to measure, record and send data relating to accumulated rainfall and intensity per minute to an FTP server, all without any connection to an external datalogger. Improved also thanks to the collaboration with local institutions, such as the Consortium for the Parma’s Land Reclamation, today these rain gauges are appreciated all over the world, from Serbia to the Maldives...

Umbria, a future-oriented region

October 2020

Umbria region - Italy - maintenance and adaptation of hydro-meteorological monitoring network: Compact Plus dataloggers, radar level sensors VEGAPLUS C23, PG10, PG10/R rain gauges, ULM30/N snow gauges, RCS RÆVO radio, Datalife, AEGIS…

Celebrating 75 years of the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Sector and the handover ceremony of Project ODA2

October 2020

On October 2nd and 3rd in Hanoi, CAE and its Representative Office took part in the exhibition "Use of hydrometeorological applications in forecasting and alerting for the socio-economic development", one of a series of events on the occasion of the 75th Traditional Day of Hydrometeorological sector of Vietnam.

Apulia: new automatic system for detection and warning of fire outbreaks

September 2020

Apulia, Italy. THS thermo-hygrometer sensor, PG10 rain gauge, PBS barometer, DV20-VV20 anemometer are the weather sensors installed for the innovative automatic sighting and warning system for fire outbreaks, equipped with Mhaster dataloggers and operating 24/7 in all operational environmental conditions...

Kyrgyzstan: modernization of the Central Asian hydro-meteorological monitoring system begins

September 2020

CAE has signed the contract with the Hydro-Meteorological Agency of Kyrgyzstan for the execution of the works for the "Supply of hydrological monitoring networks, glaciers, roads and large cities equipped with automatic weather stations". The supply includes 23 fully equipped Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), 1 system for the determination of cloud altitude, 13 local data centres and 1 national data centre...

CAEtech Rain Gauges: the best performances in the world

September 2020

Integrated electronics and precision engineering: Hi-Tech pluviometry. Now available online our new video in which Eng. Luca Benati, CAE Supply Manager, illustrates the range of CAEtech rain gauges, all classified as Class A according to the new UNI EN 17277:2020 standard and recognized…

CAEtech rain gauges: maximum accuracy up to 800 mm/h intensity

July 2020

The European standard UNI EN 17277:2020 that regulates the certification of accuracy of rain gauges, with specific reference to the measurement of rainfall intensity, has been released. In addition to confirming the possibility of certifying all sensors in Class A, the innovative stress tests performed on the entire range of CAEtech rain gauges (PG4i, PG2, PG2R, PG10, PG10R) have shown that...

Innovation and reliability: the CAE’s test field

June 2020

The video in which the new Vice-President of CAE, Guido Bernardi, and the technical Director, Lorenzo Giandomenico, talk about the new CAE’s test field is on-line: this important investment in innovation, inaugurated in 2019, is a unique asset of its kind and allows us...

Landslide monitoring system maintenance in Lombardy

June 2020

CAE won the tender for the maintenance service of the widest remote sensing network for landslide monitoring in Lombardy. The project also includes new installations that will enhance the dense network of stations, which, often through local systems of WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) knots, acquire data from clinometers, piezometers, rain gauges, snow gauges, snow depth sensors…