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Georgia and Azerbaijan: Groundwater monitoring

April 2020

CAE returns to the Caucasus, winning a tender for the construction of a groundwater monitoring system in 6 locations between Georgia and Azerbaijan. The work is part of a project for the integrated management of water resources throughout the Kura river basin. This monitoring system will be used as a pilot for...

CAE commitment to business continuity at the time of COViD-19 emergency

March 2020

The global community is facing a hard challenge for the upcoming weeks, fighting against the COViD-19 virus. As all of you know, CAE S.p.A. headquarters and main production facilities are located in Italy, one of the Countries the virus currently hit the hardest. Even though as of today there are no cases of traced contagion by COViD-19 among the Company staff, we are all living in a complicated period and we feel like a public notice can better explain what is going on here.

Brenner Base Tunnel: geodetic monitoring to detect subsidence

March 2020

A future-oriented railway was created with the Brenner Base Tunnel, which crosses the Alps at the base of the mountains and is part of the section included in the Berlin - Palermo railway connection (2,200km). CAE wins the tender relating to the entrustment of the geodetic monitoring services of the Val di Vizze, essential for the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

New investments in technology and training to increase the quality of services

March 2020

In order manage more orders in the world of monitoring and topographic surveys, such as those relating to localized instabilities or to the construction of major infrastructures, the use of topographic equipment which gives us a complete picture of the risk situation has become increasingly crucial. This is why CAE is keeping on investing...

Maldives choose Italian technology again

February 2020

In the two years that followed the first important CAE contract in the archipelago, the Maldives Meteorological Service turned to the firm based in Bologna (Italy) for another 9 weather monitoring stations, a software system to integrate all the existing stations on the Maldivian territory, a public web portal to show real-time weather conditions and 2 PG4i stand-alone rain gauges.

Roads at risk of flooding? Sardinia invests in technology and safety.

February 2020

In Sardinia CAE is implementing for ANAS S.p.A. a monitoring and warning system for hydraulic and hydrogeological risk, with specific attention to safeguarding those who transit on the SP46 Provincial Road, near the Oloé bridge. The solution is useful to automatically inhibit traffic when the hydrometric thresholds defined by the Civil Protection Plans are exceeded.

The quality of measurements in the era of climate change

February 2020

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly concrete and relevant; also for this reason the quality of data is essential for model to be able to predict and mitigate the impact of any extreme social and economic event. In this context, good design of the shield of the temperature sensors is crucial. CAE participated in the METEOMET project with its THS thermometer and thus had the opportunity to verify its good performance.

Serbia invests in the meteorological sector

January 2020

Serbia keeps investing in the Meteorology sector and CAE responds by providing Italian state-of-the-art technology. In addition to three complete stations, also equipped with heated rain gauges that do not require to be connected to main power, CAE will supply 14 PG4i, the new stand-alone rain gauges branded CAEtech.

Underpasses at risk of flooding: Rubiera doubles prevention

January 2020

The installation of an early warning alert and monitoring system for a vehicular underpass at risk of flooding is a typical example of how a prevention strategy can be implemented in a data-enabled urban setting. In this context the Province of Reggio Emilia shows its worth and acquires a new early warning alert and monitoring system for another vehicular underpass at risk of flooding in the Municipality of Rubiera, located in via Fontana.

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) invests on an ever faster and multi-risk infrastructure network

January 2020

ARPAS (the Sardinian Regional Agency for Environmental Protection) increases its commitment to mitigate environmental risks. In 2019, works were carried out for the integration of new AIB (Forest Fire-Fighting) sensors and the supply and installation of hydrometric sensors for 16 dams. Not only this provides more precise measurements, but also more frequent: the connection times of the hydrometeorological monitoring network are halved.