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Update of the Italian national agro-meteorological network

April 2022

CAE has won the CREA tender for the supply and maintenance of 39 meteorological stations of the Italian national agro-meteorological network. The measured agro-meteorological quantities are used for the reconstruction of meteorological events and the monitoring of the agricultural season. The sensors used include: rain gauges, radiometers, thermo-hygrometers, leaf-wetness sensors, thermometers for surface and soil temperatures...

Measurements of soil moisture and snow water equivalent: the revolution starts with cosmic rays

April 2022

The collaboration between CAE and Finapp aims at revolutionizing the way these important measures are performed. The solution that has been developed integrates the innovative probe, patented by the Venetian start-up, which uses CRNS technology to measure soil moisture and Snow Water Equivalent on a range basis, in depth and in real-time. The advantages compared to point sensors suggest that this will be the new technological standard and it will have an important impact in agriculture, as far as the mitigation of hydrogeological instability and the prevention of wildfires are concerned...

Emilia-Romagna: the new agro-meteorological network is open hardware

April 2022

CAE has won the tender for the updating of the agro-meteorological network of Emilia-Romagna Region, managed by Arpae. After a first development phase of the open source monitoring station project, called "Stima", 44 new automatic agro-meteorological stations will be installed and equipped with...


Po River: new investments to protect water quality

April 2022

CAE has installed a new multiparameter probe for water quality in a spot where the monitoring of the Po River is strategic: Pontelagoscuro. In agreement with ARPAE-SIMC, owner of the station, the District Authority has promoted the installation and maintenance of this probe for at least three years; therefore, the following parameters will be automatically and continuously measured: water temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, Redox potential, turbidity...

Swiss precision chooses CAEtech rain gauges

April 2022

Three stand-alone rain gauges PG4i installed in Switzerland as part of a project that studies how rainfall affects changes in groundwater quality, in terms of the presence of contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria. When springs are frequently used as drinking water resources, maintaining a high water quality is crucial.

Warning and technological innovation: the Sentry software

February 2022

We interviewed the Technical Director of CAE, Lorenzo Giandomenico, to ask him for some preview information on Sentry, the new CAE software for the spreading of warning messages, which stands out for its maximum interoperability that allows you to...

Early warning system for underpasses in the Municipality of Battipaglia

February 2022

On behalf of GBL Costruzioni SUD srl, CAE is installing a monitoring and early warning system for a new railway underpass in the Municipality of Battipaglia, which will be useful for inhibiting circulation in case of flooding. Upon exceeding various thresholds, which also take into consideration the level of the nearby Tusciano river…

Monitoring stations in the "Massif of the Central Apennines” increased in number

February 2022

15 hydrometric, nivometric and pluviometric monitoring stations, including flow measurements, integrated in the ReSTART project "Territorial Resilience of the Central Apennines - Post-Earthquake Reconstruction” of the District Basin Authority of the Central Apennines. After the first 12 months, the stations, already integrated in their relevant networks, will fall under the responsibility of the following Regions: Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. As a whole, the project includes many other actions and technologies for hydrogeological and anti-seismic prevention and planning...

Reducing the vulnerability of communities to Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in Pakistan

February 2022

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) relies on CAE’s technology for the supply of an Early Warning Systems (EWS) to reduce the risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood - GLOF in the Hindukush-Karakorum-Himalaya (HKH) area. The project includes 244 hydro-meteorological monitoring stations and…

"Industry 4.0" investments and reliability tests in extreme conditions

September 2021

A new climatic chamber has been operating in CAE for several months. Thanks to this facility tests and calibrations on its products have been modernized. The investment, within the framework of the National Plan for Industry 4.0, allows for accelerated tests on the robustness of sensors and control units, in order to evaluate their behavior in extreme conditions.