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Peru: monitoring and managing water resources of seven dams

May 2021

Italian technology has been chosen to implement a World Bank project in Peru. CAE and its local partner will be responsible for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Water level sensor for the Reservoir, Rain gauge and the Data transmission system via GOES Satellite in order to guarantee an adequate monitoring and surveillance for the safety of seven prioritized dams in Peru.

Val d’Aosta - Free surface channels and innovative monitoring systems

May 2021

Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque (CVA) manages many hydroelectric power plants in mountain areas. The derivation channels carrying water to the plants run for tens of kilometers at high altitude, through fascinating but also complex environments. In two of these plants, CAE has implemented water level monitoring systems, operating in near real time on different spots distributed along the entire length of these power plants.

“Sensor integration” for a safer world: the results achieved by CAE and Fondazione Politecnico

May 2021

Thanks the research project coordinated by Prof. Menduni, that has just been completed, two computational products have been developed: “Smart Slope” is related to the trigger thresholds of superficial gravitational instability, and “Smart Channel” is related to the real-time control of the operation of free surface channels. Aiming at transferring research results into operational tools, we worked on "sensor integration" and the creation of authentic intelligent systems.

Umbria, a future-oriented region

May 2021

CAE has now proudly won the tender for the three-year ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, as well as the works for the expansion of the environmental monitoring network for civil protection purposes. During the maintenance period all system components will be substantially upgraded…

Tajikistan: Sarez Lake monitoring and Early Warning Systems (EWS)

February 2021

CAE has signed the contract “Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for the monitoring and Early Warning Systems (EWS) of Sarez Lake, Tajikistan”. The system will enable real time and reliable monitoring of Sarez Lake’s right and left banks, as well as upstream and downstream rivers for data collection, Early Warning System activation and communications with control centers.

The Region of Apulia: new landslide and sink-hole phenomena monitoring systems

February 2021

Green light to the monitoring of the 6 landslide areas, with different characteristics, which will be performed by CAE real-time systems. The company, which won this regional tender and is now monitoring about 50 landslides throughout Italy, will employ robotic total stations, GNSS, weather stations and a wide range of geotechnical wireless sensors...

Maintenance and technological adaptation of the hydro-meteorological network of Piedmont

February 2021

CAE has won the tender for maintenance and technological adaptation of over 400 hydro-meteorological stations in Piedmont and the connected transmission system. RCS RÆVO radio will allow the network to halve acquisition times, while ensuring high levels of standardization and interoperability. Many products from the CAEtech line that will be used for the execution of the contract, including the latest generation of CompactPlus dataloggers, PG10 rain gauges, ULM30 water level sensors...

Lazio Region: green light to the evolution of the remote measurement network

February 2021

CAE has won the tender that projects the region's remote measurement network, composed by 238 automatic stations, towards a future of greater efficiency, reliability and effectiveness. In addition to 27 months of maintenance, the contract provides for system’s upgrade. As other already existing networks, this regional monitoring network will implement modern IP protocols, with standards typical of “Internet of Things” world and will guarantee openness. Network infrastructure focuses on interoperability: Trunking DMR Tier III technology integrated with existing high-capacity trunking and cellular back-up.

FOCUS ON CAE | Celebrating the past to look into the future: the Franco Bertolani museum

February 2021

Discovering CAE starting from the milestones that made it what it is. Its evolution has seen the expansion of the sectors of intervention where CAE operates. Starting from the hydrometeorological sector, CAE also dealt with the management of gates, water quality monitoring, landslides, wildfires, up to multi-hazard systems capable of integrating all the different systems in a single one that includes alert functions, too.

Interoperability beyond all limits: Compact dataloggers

December 2020

CAEtech Compact’s line dataloggers are innovative, compact, open, customizable, modular and scalable acquisition units, for total interoperability. They allow the implementation of calculation algorithms, which, upon the occurrence of specific events, regulate the activation of warnings. Moreover, by connecting several modules together, it is possible to meet a practically unlimited range of needs...