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Dams: emergency plans, alert and public safety systems. The case of Zhinvali in Georgia

April 2018

CAE participates in the implementation of a monitoring and alerting system for the Jinvali dam in Georgia. The purpose of the system is to protect the population in the area, which extends north of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital with over 1 million inhabitants.

Mhas System and opening: Python, an open source language for the Mhaster datalogger

April 2018

Python like English: it's an open source language spread all over the world, essential for companies such as Google and YouTube. It has become part of the CAE technology, allowing the customer the rapid development of custom applications to be installed, even independently, within the Mhaster datalogger.

Region of Sicily: green light to the integration works of the meteorological detection network for civil protection purposes

February 2018

CAE has won the tender for the creation of a single integrated, redundant and flexible meteorological detection system for the Region of Sicily. The implementation of the system includes supplying and installation of more than 250 Automatic Monitoring Stations.

Over thirty years of experience and hundreds of installations at high altitude: CAE's commitment from snow knowledge to avalanche risk mitigation

February 2018

The avalanche risk is an increasingly topical issue: what technological equipment is used by the authorities in charge of risk assessment? In which direction is technology evolving in order to increase the safety of the citizens? CAE outlines the past and the present of the nivometric monitoring systems and point out new ambitious technological horizons for the near future, when the alert systems will offer an extra tool for the safety of citizens.

CAE talks about the "maintenance portal": a simple and interactive web tool that supports our customers in the management of their monitoring and alert systems

February 2018

This portal, which has been deeply renovated in the last few years, is where customers know they can find, in an intuitive and effective way, all the information necessary to manage their monitoring and alert systems: documentation, images, operating statistics, maintenance reports, etc. It is an interactive tool that creates a closer connection between the technicians and the maintenance service offered by our company.

Maldives: green light to the expansion of the national meteorological monitoring network with 25 new stations and control centers

January 2018

The project CAE is about to implement consists in the "turnkey" supply of 25 new weather stations, located in the various islands and in the airports which are about to be built in the Maldives. These stations will use the MHAS technology and each of them will be equipped with sensors in order to measure wind speed and direction, rainfall intensity and quantity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity

Interventions in the "earthquake crater" in Central Italy: monitoring and alert system for the landslide in Borrano di Civitella del Tronto (Teramo)

January 2018

After performing a feasibility study, CAE provided the Region of Abruzzo with a full-scale and modern "turnkey" monitoring and alert system that can be upgraded and modified at any time in a simple and fast way, without interfering with the functioning of the "Mesh" network, in order to adapt it to any possible future needs that may occur during the monitoring of the phenomenon.

Tests certify the accuracy of the LPR radar hydrometer

November 2017

CAE philosophy has always been to do things at our best. For 40 years, quality has been our first priority and, in this regard, the tests to which our equipment is subjected are never enough. For this reason, apart from having passed the various tests internally and obtained EC and FCC certifications, the LPR Radar Hydrometer has also been subjected to further tests in order to certify its accuracy and precision as far as the measurement of liquid levels.

Climate is changing. Guido Bernardi tells us how multi-hazard systems allow us to optimize investments in prevention

November 2017

An interview with CAE's Business Development Manager on how to leverage on multi-hazard technologies and interoperability to achieve reliable solutions and flexibility.

See you in Amsterdam next October, from 10th to 12th: CAE will be at the Meteorological Technology World Expo

October 2017

CAE staff will be happy to meet anyone who wants to visit their stand: find us at stand n°.10035 in Hall 8 inside Amsterdam exhibition centre. We will be at your disposal in order to provide you with information, dedicated meetings, specific studies, solutions and proposals, always in the name of innovation for the protection of environment and, especially, of human lives.