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See you in Geneva from 5th to 7th of June: CAE will be at the Meteorological Technology World Expo

May 2019

We are waiting for you at our booth (n° 5025), where we will be happy to present: the new scalable datalogger Compact, the stand-alone rain gauge PG4i, with integrated 3G mobile modem and datalogger, the wildfire monitoring and early warning system and the AEGIS web-based platform.


Minister Moavero Milanesi’s mission in Vietnam and Singapore

May 2019

From the 6th of May until the 9th, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, has visited Vietnam and Singapore. The Minister had the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the Italian community and the companies operating locally: among them was Eng. Pedrini, vice president and founder of CAE, who was able to showcase the Minister the CAE technology displayed at “Casa Italia” in Hanoi.

Great interest for the wildfire monitoring and early warning system

May 2019

CAE suggests the use of a wildfire monitoring and early warning system which is able to: continuously monitor the area, early identify the ignition of a fire hotspot, integrate forecast models that allow us to display the fire risk index and any possible propagation of the fire front on geo-referenced maps. The system is functional to protecting the population and can guarantee a timely and effective intervention by the authorities responsible for extinguishing the fires.

The national alert system: a debate between public administration, academic community and the industry

April 2019

The invitation-based conference "The national alert system: expertise and technologies for the mitigation of natural risks", organized by CAE S.p.A., was held in Bologna on March 28th, 2019. The aim of the conference was to share the experiences of the public administration, the academic community and the industry, in order to take stock of the present and the future of the national alert system.

Chemical, biological and radioactive emergencies. An update of the national system

April 2019

As part of a JV together with Exprivia, which is its trustee, CAE has won the tender announced by the Italian Ministry of Interior for the implementation of the project aiming at strengthening the national system for crisis prevention and security management - with particular reference to the risks caused by CBRN-e agents (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) - on behalf of the Fire Department.

Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the South-Central provinces of Vietnam

March 2019

The strengthening of the flood forecasting and warning system in Vietnam was contracted to CAE by National Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam (NHMS) - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The project is financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and consists in the “turn-key” supply and installation of 114 among meteorological, hydrological, rainfall and oceanographic automatic stations and several control centres.

Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta: green light to the flow measurement service

February 2019

CAE confirms its professionalism in surveys and field environmental analyses and imposes itself among 7 companies by winning the tender of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta for the liquid flow measurement service in riverbeds. All the instrumentation and technical know-how of CAE will be available to the Region for the upcoming 3 years.

CAE inaugurates its new test field - the only in Italy of its kind

February 2019

Our aim is to strengthen our role as a centre of technological excellence. This is why we inaugurated the new company test field, which is the only in Italy of its kind: approximately 400 square metres adjacent to the company headquarter, set for the installation of 25 poles which have already been wired and powered. Thanks to it we will be able to conduct tests and experiments to ensure an always higher quality and reliability for our products.

Municipality of Cesenatico: a bright example of flood risk prevention and communication to citizens

January 2019

We have had the pleasure to talk to Matteo Gozzoli, mayor of Cesenatico, a municipality of the Riviera of Romagna, Italy, affected by the risk of sea storms and flooding caused by temporary rises in sea level. The local Administration has consistently invested for years to create a prepared and resilient community. The first automatic early warning system dates back to the end of 2000, but today the municipality can count on a series of integrated and advanced solutions in order to limit the effects of flooding, make the right choices and alert the population on time.

CAE goes to the second edition of COWM aiming at a more active generation of citizens

January 2019

The second edition of the Citizen Observatories for Natural Hazards and Water Management (COWM 2018) has just taken place in Venice. Guido Bernardi from CAE presented his intervention entitled: “Flash-floods, landslides and urban inundations: integration of Large Scale Monitoring Networks and Local Early Warning Systems”.