• Avalanche risk, snow measurement and mountain meteorology
    Risk due to extreme weather events

    Avalanche risk, snow measurement and mountain meteorology


High mountains are extreme environments which require ad hoc monitoring systems capable of facing particular weather conditions which change rapidly in these environments. Particularly important is monitoring the various factors affecting snow cover, not only due to the impact that melting snow has on downstream river floods but also to assess the risk of avalanches. These systems can withstand extremely rigid temperatures and are fitted with very tough hardware. They are also designed to ensure that the technological components can be serviced even with high snow cover. Often special off-road vehicles or helicopters must be used for this type of work, and our company does so habitually.

main measurements
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Measured precipitations
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Direct and reflected radiation
  • Temperature of the snow on the ground
  • Air temperature and humidity

Case history

Transmission System
Transmission System
Transmission System
Rain Gauges
Rain Gauges
Rain Gauges