• ULM30/N - Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor
    ULM30/N - Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

ULM30/N is an ultrasonic snow depth sensor, equipped with its own electronics with microprocessor and storage memory.

ULM30/N consists of a latest generation ultrasonic transducer, suitable for both transmission and reception. Snow cover measurement takes place with the emission of a series of ultrasonic pulses and subsequent analysis of the echo received. The sensor, via this data, appropriately compensated according to the air temperature measured by the integrated thermometer, provides the distance from the target surface.

ULM30/N contains internal diagnostic elements to verify the:

  • battery voltage;
  • internal temperature conditions;
  • correct inclination;
  • quality of the measurement acquired.
ULM30/N - Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor
Dimensions 210(Ø) x 390 mm
Weight 2.25 Kg
Measurement Range 0.5 - 15 m
Resolution 1 cm
Communication Interface RS485 CAE protocol
RS485 SDI-12
Analogue 4-20 mA
Measurement accuracy ± 0.01 m
Temperature Range -40°C / +60°C (-40°F/+140°F)

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Zero breakdown technology


Mechanical robustness is guaranteed by:
  • -    the attention to detail, starting with the design phase;
  • -    encoded, tracked and certified production processes;
  • -    the use of high quality materials;
  • -    the experience and training of production engineers.
ZBT allows the risk of sudden failure and loss of data to be minimised, by using:
  • -    redundant elements, which make sure that, if an element breaks, the product sends an alert while operating normally, giving time to intervene with the replacement without losing any data;
  • -    diagnostic sensors of various types, such as the ones for the verification of:
    • o   the correct inclination of the product,
    • o   the quality of the acquired measurement,
    • o   the value of the voltage input,
    • o   the status of inputs and outputs,
    • o   the conditions of the internal temperature,
    • o   the reliability of the RF link between all devices,
    • o   etc.