• Non-structural operations connected with defense works
    Hydraulic and hydrological risk

    Non-structural operations connected with defense works


Defence works deriving from structural operations aim to decrease the probability that potentially damaging events occur and must be integrated with non-structural operations, such as monitoring and alert systems, in order to be fully effective. A work included in an environment which is well monitored in real time can be best managed during emergencies. The same data generated by a CAE system that is always offered as an integrated system can be used to generate manual or automatic alerts, aiming to decrease the residual risk of the post-work scenario. Technologies can play a fundamental role in monitoring the good conditions of the work and its operation over time. 

main measurements
  • Surface and deep deformation
  • Ground saturation level
  • Water table level
  • Hydrometric level
  • Interstitial pressure

Case history

Transmission System
Transmission System
Transmission System
Other Sensors
Other Sensors
  • Settlement Gauges
  • Inclinometer
  • Soil humidity sensor
Other Sensors