• Water quality monitoring in the basins
    Risk due to pollution of water resources

    Water quality monitoring in the basins


Water quality monitoring in the basins allows accurately analysing criteria defining water quality, which varies noticeably over time and vertical space. The instruments include weather stations at the edge of the basin or in strategic positions to monitor those events that impact the basin, water rafts and central stations. The main purpose of the systems is to daily transmit the collection altitude where water with the best characteristics for potabilisation can be found. Monitoring the water quality in the basins is functional to preserving the water resources and the basins and to effectively plan the water resource management and checking the quality characteristics of water.

main measurements
  • Chlorophyll
  • Percentage of oxygen dissolved in water
  • Redox potential
  • Water salinity and depth
  • Water temperature, conductivity and pH
  • Water turbidity

Case history

Transmission System
Transmission System
Transmission System
Other Sensors
Other Sensors
Other Sensors