• Pollution of surface water
    Risk due to pollution of water resources

    Pollution of surface water


The surface water body monitoring and control systems comprise monitoring the water quality in order to provide the authorities with the necessary tools to preserve the wealth of the territory and its produce. This is a continuous monitoring without operators for some chemical-physical parameters, which allows assessing the water quality index. The system is an information support to the operator in the control center as well as on the field, for real-time control and monitoring; it allows sending alarms to the operators when critical thresholds are exceeded; finally, it records acquired data and relevant events for documentation. The data that are collected can be included in a geographic information system, so that the analysis and presentation of data about the water quality can be related with other spatial information. 

main measurements
  • COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) of water
  • Percentage of cadmium and lead
  • Percentage of free chlorine in water
  • Percentage of oxygen dissolved in water
  • Water temperature, conductivity and pH
  • Water turbidity
Transmission System
Transmission System
Transmission System
Other Sensors
Other Sensors
  • Sensor for free chlorine
  • Sensor for cadmium
  • Turbidity Sensor
  • Multi-parameter probe
Other Sensors