• Apulia: new automatic system for detection and warning of fire outbreaks
    CAE MAGAZINE n.17 - English Version - October 2020
    Apulia: new automatic system for detection and warning of fire outbreaks

Apulia: new automatic system for detection and warning of fire outbreaks

Apulia: new automatic system for detection and warning of fire outbreaks

CAE has won the tender, as group leader in a Joint Venture with TIM S.p.A., for the implementation of an automatic system for the detection and warning  of forest fire outbreaks in the Region of Apulia. This system serves an extensive area of the “Arco Ionico” and is operating 24/7 in any environmental condition.

The detection of the outbreaks occurs using a cutting-edge FLIR camera system, extremely sensitive for the detection of thermal images that are analysed in real time by an advanced algorithm. The aim is to identify the outbreaks of fire as quickly as possible and, through the combination of visible and thermal images, accurately determine the geographic coordinates of the fire front.

The system developed by CAE is essential in making decisions for civil protection purposes, allowing prompt intervention by the authorities responsible for extinguishing the flames, in order to protect natural ecosystems and the population.

The system, based on the MHAS (Multi Hazard System) platform, is able to:

- prevent fires by calculating the risk indices of fire ignition;
spot fires through continuous visual monitoring of the area and the use of high zoom cameras that can also be controlled remotely;
early detect the ignition of a fire outbreak;
- manage fire extinguishing operations in an emergency situation, integrating forecasting models that allow to represent the possible spread of fire on the territory on geo-referenced maps.

The system consists of:

- 6 spotting stations, each complete with Mhaster dataloggers, thermal cameras, HD cameras, dome cameras and various weather sensors, such as the THS thermo-hygrometer, the patented PG10 rain gauge, the PBS barometer and the DV20-VV20 anemometer;
- 1 physical star centre located in the Municipality of Mottola where communications from peripheral sites are centralized;
- 1 microwave radio telecommunication infrastructure;
- 1 control centre located in Bari-Modugno at the headquarters of the Civil Protection.

Thanks to its specific experience in the field of environmental monitoring, CAE is aware of the importance of a meticulous design of equipment and field installations.

All the installations envisaged by the system, from the workstations to the communication systems, the sensors and the control panel, are designed by CAE with a precise approach: modularity and ease of expansion at every level, guaranteeing therefore the highest reliability.

The Control Centre is equipped with software, such as AEGIS, Patrol and Datalife, specifically developed to allow maximum interoperability even with third party software and platforms, therefore allowing us to use:

- basic system functions;
- real-time and archive weather data;
- system alarms and related information;
- recorded video streams.


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