• Vietnam: technological modernisation of networks underway
    CAE MAGAZINE n.26 - English Version - November 2022
    Vietnam: technological modernisation of networks underway

Vietnam: technological modernisation of networks underway

Starting in 2008, CAE began working in Vietnam, a country experiencing high growth, with a configuration similar to those of Italy, comparable in size and for the most part surrounded by the sea, subject to extreme natural phenomena due to the country’s monsoon tropical climate. Given the high population density and the trend that climate change highlights for the near future, the country is engaged in numerous projects for the mitigation of hydrogeological and flood risk.

The various interventions underway include those aimed at improving the real-time monitoring and forecasting capabilities of rain events and of the consequent river floods, essential information to be able to intervene promptly and to safeguard human lives in the event of an emergency. The Vietnamese authorities are aware of this, which is why they have been investing in technology for years to mitigate damage resulting from extreme events, installing automatic real-time monitoring networks.

In recent years there have been several important projects that together have led to the installation of over 345 automatic monitoring stations (meteorological, rainfall, hydrometric, oceanographic...) based on CAE technology and 37 data centres equipped with the software suite and the related radio communication systems. Below is a summary of some of the main projects carried out in Vietnam financed by the World Bank and by the Italian Development Cooperation:

To date, as part of the annual maintenance service of the Southern Regional Hydro Meteorological Centre (Ho Chi Minh) and of the Mid Central Hydro-Meteorological Centre (Da Nang), several technological update projects are underway which will allow replacement of the SPM20 stations, the CAE's flagship model up to ten years ago, with the most innovative and high-performance CAEtech Compact dataloggers: programmable, user-friendly and powerful thanks also to the opening of the software used and to the use of standard protocols that guarantee full and native compatibility with the existing system. These new technologies can be easily integrated into the existing network, preserving all existing support infrastructures.

The well-established Vietnamese networks will continue to monitor the territory relentlessly, using the latest technologies available on the market.



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