• Maldives choose Italian technology again
    Maldives choose Italian technology again

Maldives choose Italian technology again

February 2020

In about two years from the first order issued for the expansion of the national weather monitoring network with 25 new stations and a control centre (to learn more click here) implemented in 2018, the Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS) has entrusted CAE with other supplies and collaborations; this is an excellent signal that reveals customer’s satisfaction.

The latest contract was signed on January 23rd, 2020 and provides for the supply of 6 new weather monitoring stations(Automatic Weather Station) equipped, as the previous ones, with Mhaster datalogger and all the sensors necessary for measuring the meteorological parameters.  Stations will be integrated into the existing network and will send data to the Control Centre located at the MMS headquarters. The same occured to other 3 automatic weather monitoring stations requested in March 2019. The support towers, requested by the MMS for most of the planned installations, were also particularly appreciated.

CAE also provided software for data storage and display that could also integrate stations from other suppliers in the area. Particularly, 18 Compact stations with Adcon dataloggers and 11 other Campbell stations installed in airports were seamlessly integrated. This has been possible thanks to the interoperability of Datalife: CAE’s platform that allows the user to completely manage the monitoring network. All the information collected by Datalife is stored in a SQL UDB (Unified DataBase) developed in order to provide a single archive for all applications, within which it is also possible to integrate and manage data from stations not supplied by CAE. Afterwards, the collected data can be viewed on the display software available to the user, in this case MapsME. CAE has also implemented a public web portal for the Maldives Meteorological Service to show real-time weather conditionson map; moreover, by clicking on the station icon, it is possible to find more information and view its parameters.

Finally, in addition to the hardware and software updates of the network, 2 stand-alone rain gauges (PG4i) were supplied. As frequently described in the CAE Magazine, PG4i is an innovative instrument that has no equal on the market: a single product representing a complete pluviometric monitoring system, without compromising the quality of data, as the sensor has all the characteristics of durability and precision typical of CAEtech products. PG4i is equipped with various diagnostic tools and, in addition to the cumulative precipitation measurement, it provides data on rainfall intensity. It is a flexible instrument, easy to move in different sites for measurement campaigns and also suitable for integration into larger networks.

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