• Peru: monitoring and managing water resources of seven dams
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    Peru: monitoring and managing water resources of seven dams

Peru: monitoring and managing water resources of seven dams

"Peru Integrated Water Resources Management in Ten Basins Project – IWRM” is a project funded by the World Bank to strengthen the capacity of targeted water resources management related institutions to plan, monitor and manage water resources at the national level and in selected river basins in Peru.

Within the framework of this project, the Consortium of CAE and its local partner has signed the contract with the National Water Authority of Peru – ANA (Autoridad Nacional del Agua) for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Water level sensor for the Reservoir, Rain gauge and Data transmission system via GOES Satellite. The contract aims at guaranteeing an adequate monitoring and safety management of seven prioritized dams, including Poechos, San Lorenzo, Tinajones, Gallito Ciego, Condoroma, El Frayle and Pasto Grande dam.

The selected dams, which are considered enormously important for storage and regulation of flows for irrigation and consequently for their economic importance for the Country, deserve special attention with regard to their monitoring and maintenance.

The contract involves the “turnkey” supply of 7 automatic dam monitoring stations. Autonomous from the main power supply, these stations will be powered by a solar panel and backup battery. Each station will be equipped with CAE state-of-the-art technology:

COMPACT PLUS Datalogger: based on embedded Linux operating system and equipped with an interactive web server on board;

PG2 Rain gauge: tipping bucket rain gauge with measuring range up to 1200 mm/h. Classified as Class A according to the new UNI EN 17277:2020 standard;

- WLR/L Water level sensor: based on radar technology;

- ACTI-LINK Communication device: dedicated to remote activation of monitoring and alert system components;

- GOES Satellite Transmitter;

- etc.

The data acquired at the stations will be sent to the main ANA Data Center by means of GOES satellite transmitters. CAE will be responsible for the installation, configuration and start-up of all the equipment of the GOES satellite data transmission system, which will communicate with the ANA Satellite Earth Station.

CAE’s Consortium will provide a complete range of services such as civil works, installation, system integration, commissioning and training, etc.

This is the second project for dam monitoring of CAE abroad. Last year, CAE completed the Monitoring and Early Warning System for Jinvali dam in Georgia. The project gained the satisfaction from the client "Georgian Water and Power" - GWP (Click here for further information).

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