• Serbia invests in the meteorological sector
    CAE MAGAZINE n.14 - English Version - March 2020
    Serbia invests in the meteorological sector

Serbia invests in the meteorological sector

Serbia invests in the meteorological sector

At the beginning of November, as part of the “Serbia National Risk Management Program” project, CAE was awarded a new tender in the Balkan Republic, launched by Belgrade’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Administration, for the supply of meteorological equipment.

In addition to three complete meteorological stations, the order includes a first relevant supply of PG4i rain gauges. Moreover, to further complete the Customer service, CAE has also included advanced training, aimed at the personnel in charge, focusing on the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the appliance.

The three meteorological stations, like almost all CAE stations, will be autonomous from the main power supply: they will be powered by a solar panel and backup battery, and each station will be equipped with state-of-the-art  technology:

Going into detail regarding the supply of rain gauges, both the PG2R and the PG4i are CAEtech products that use ZTB (Zero Breakdown Technology) through the implementation of several diagnostic sensors, essential to ensure optimal sensor operation in all conditions and to facilitate maintenance activities. Both products can be class A-certified, according to UNI 11452: 2012 - that is, guaranteeing an error of less than 3% even at very high intensities.

The PG2R stands out for being a heated rain gauge capable of operating even without main power, therefore designed to keep consumption to a minimum. The PG4i is also a unique product, in that it is not a simple rain gauge, but an all-in-one rainfall monitoring system. It is in fact a stand-alone rain gauge, which not only does not need to be connected to a power supply, but is also equipped with an integrated datalogger and a 3G modem for data transmission.

All state-of-the-art and made in Italy technology, at the service of a Country that is investing in the Meteorology sector with a view to reducing risk.

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