• Flow measurement: the experience of CAE
    Flow measurement: the experience of CAE

Flow measurement: the experience of CAE

February 2023

Let’s go back to talking about specialised services, CAE has long been structured to respond to the growing number of work orders that require the execution of complementary services, related to the world of monitoring and topographic surveys, investing in technology and training.

This new structure has been successful and, from 2019 to date, 583 interventions have been ordered for 11 work orders that demonstrate the ability to intervene successfully and effectively on different types of waterways: from the Po, the longest and most impressive Italian river, to torrential waterways, where the speeds involved can be significant. We recall the measures for the Hydrographic District of the Eastern Alps on the Piave, to which are added those provided for by the new project described in this issue of CAE Magazine on the Tagliamento, but also AIPO, ARPA Veneto, Basilicata, Civil Protection Lazio Region, ARPA Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

In particular, CAE uses specific equipment (GNSS survey system, total station, ADCP with floating support and hydraulic whirlpools) to carry out topographic surveys and flow measurements that make it possible to build run-off scales and calibrate hydraulic models. This service can also be preparatory to the implementation of automatic real-time systems for monitoring of the flow rates. For the calculation of the latter, in addition to traditional techniques, CAE has developed a model that, after an initial calibration of the site-specific parameters, is able to estimate the average current speed within the measurement section, starting from the surface velocity data and, for each measured hydrometric level, to combine them with the wet area, returning a reliable real-time measurement of the flow rate at the installation site.

CAE was born with the aim of facilitating the lives of its customers, which is why we have been offering “turnkey” systems for 45 years. The provision of additional specialist services, such as flow measurement, is nothing more than the natural evolution of our business model: we want to provide the customer with all possible information to enable him to work better. The services in question, in addition to requiring an important level of training and the use of specific technologies, involve a considerable management effort, in fact, they are activities strongly linked to seasonality. Despite the complexity, we are convinced that this service generates truly important knowledge of the territory that cannot be obtained otherwise and for this reason we work with great commitment and determination,” stated Simone Colonnelli, geologist and project manager of CAE.



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