• Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta: green light to the flow measurement service
    Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta: green light to the flow measurement service

Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta: green light to the flow measurement service

February 2019

CAE confirms its professionalism in surveys and field environmental analyses by winning the tender for the "Liquid flow measurement service in riverbeds" of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta. Seven offers were assessed for the awarding of the tender and the contents of our offer proved to be the most suitable to meet the requirements of the Special Tender Specifications.

CAE will be involved in the task entrusted for the flow measurement for the upcoming three years performing seventy annual surveys on the 24 sites provided for in the Special Tender Specifications. The measures will be carried out under different conditions - low, moderate and full flow - on sites belonging to the watershed area of the Dora Baltea river and its tributaries.

The context of the Valle d'Aosta is certainly complex from the flow measurement standpoint and the construction of the resulting down-flow scales. During the winter, due to the combined action of snow and hydroelectric use, the hydraulic heads in the riverbed are particularly low. 

During full or moderate phases, combined with the melting of the snow, the river speeds can be significant and we must always consider the possible presence of solid transport and materials, due to the torrential nature of the river sections to be analysed. 

The evaluation commission especially appreciated our solid business organization, which allows CAE to simultaneously organize several teams, consisting of operators with a certified experience, as well as our complete and adequate instrumental equipment.

Among the most interesting elements of the equipment available to each of the surveying teams of CAE technicians, we can point out hydraulic reels and sets of propellers of different diameters, sets for suspended measurements with different weighting systems and the essential ADCP sensors on floating supports. 

Our tools are completed with the necessary topographic equipment, in order to carry out the geomorphological surveys of a certain section, which is composed of GNSS receivers and total scanner stations for precision surveys.

With this contract, once again CAE proves to be a valid partner for the public administration authorities, and guarantees the supply of reliable services and an important technical know-how.

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