• Upgrade and expansion of the environmental monitoring network in the Region of Basilicata
    CAE MAGAZINE n.17 - English Version - October 2020
    Upgrade and expansion of the environmental monitoring network in the Region of Basilicata

Upgrade and expansion of the environmental monitoring network in the Region of Basilicata

Because of the relevance and impact that the outcome of the monitoring has on regional environmental policies, as well as on the health and quality of life of citizens, the Environmental Monitoring Centre (Centro di Monitoraggio Ambientale - CMA) requires very high levels of operational continuity, timeliness and efficiency in the acquisition, processing and dissemination of data.

The Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection of the Region of Basilicata (ARPAB) has therefore launched a European tender to entrust the management and maintenance services of the CMA, with the aim of improving the quality of services in the environmental field by making use of high-quality standards of performance. In this context, where quality, timeliness and efficiency play an essential role, CAE could not miss the opportunity to take part in the tender and, as group leader in a Joint Venture with Telecom Italia, won the tender. 

This is a highly articulated project which involves outsourcing management, operational support, preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the control centre, hydrological and meteorological monitoring networks, landslides, noise and radioactivity monitoring networks, as well as of the Mobile Water Laboratory and the Sodar - RASS system for air quality monitoring.

Moreover, the contract provides for the supply of 35 new weather and water quality monitoring stations. Finally, in addition to expanding the network, part of the existing instrumentation will be updated. The aim is not only to replace obsolete components, but above all to increase the functional level, operational continuity, timeliness and efficiency of data acquisition of the networks involved in the tender. 

The main technologies used are:

Mhaster dataloggers: they are characterized by high-level flexibility and openness, thanks to the Linux operating system. Among upgrades and new implementations, more than 70 units wil be installed;

PG10 rain gauges: the latest CAEtech model of rain gauges with a 1000cm2 collection surface. This is the most performing and technologically advanced rain gauge on the market today.

Finally, the ARPAB monitoring network will be integrated with the network of the Regional Functional Centre of the Civil Protection Department; this will connect the two Control Centres with each other via radio, in order to be able to exchange monitoring data of mutual interest.

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