Case history


Adaptation, optimisation and maintenance service regarding the “open” network of the meteo-hydrographic telemetric network


The telemetric network of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley originated from the union of four existing networks, with provisions from an equal number of companies, at various times. A call for tenders was launched to adapt the entire meteo-hydrographic monitoring network to the most modern data acquisition and transmission technologies, thus focused on providing the maintenance for the entire network, introducing open and latest-generation technologies.



All components of the proposed system can be replaced, both due to maintenance and due to future expansions, with interchangeable components from other manufacturers that implement the same standard protocols and communication modes, exceeding the closeness limit of the existing systems.

CAE has offered its Mhaster datalogger, able to achieve a level of standardisation and flexibility in use that is currently unparalleled on the Italian and international market. The Mhaster datalogger is based on an open Linux operating system with standard protocols, able to guarantee an easy and quick implementation of any custom procedures and/or solutions directly from the customer.

As an ancillary service supporting maintenance activities, a web portal has been provided to track development and maintenance operations throughout the duration of the contract.



The telemetric meteo-hydrographic network of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley is composed of around 100 automatic stations and repeater sites. The adaptation, optimisation and maintenance project included the complete replacement of: dataloggers, operating centre, radio transmission systems and cellular connections. Added to this are all the network commissioning activities the actions necessary to ensure the coexistence and proper functioning of the existing networks during the progression of works throughout the transitional period and the field maintenance and tele-maintenance activities at the end of the changeover operations.

The proposed UHF/IP radio, in addition to meeting the customer’s speed requirements, uses standard and open protocols such as CoAP, which easily adapt to the needs of use in the field of meteorological monitoring.

The Centre of Operations is equipped with a single system for the acquisition and supervision of the data from the measurement stations located throughout the territory. Amongst the other software for system management, operators have at their disposal AEGIS - the new GIS web platform developed by CAE.