• Traveling to Buenos Aires
    Traveling to Buenos Aires

Traveling to Buenos Aires

January 2017

35 rain gauges manufactured by CAE are currently on the way to Buenos Aires. These sensors will be implemented into the new hydro-meteorological monitoring network for flood early warning and drought monitoring.

The site is the South Creeks sub-basin of the Salado River basin, which consists in an area of 39.324 km2 located in the Chaco-Pampean plains of Buenos Aires province. This basin contributes with 29% of the Gross Domestic Product of the province, where agricolture and cattle production are the main economic activities. The basin is characterized by creeks coming down the hills and transitioning through the plain, which is therefore subject to waterlogging during prolonged periods of time, with a negative impact on the agricolture production.

For this reason a main network with a set of sub-networks has been designed with a dual purpose: early flood warning to nearby settlements and monitoring of drought events, while helping to improve water management.

Design and development of this network are the result of the financing coming from the National Agency for Research and Technological Development and a strategic partnership between the Water Resources Management Center and a local company which has developed some of the components itself and integrated some others. Every design choice and realization principle has been oriented to making a monitoring network able to withstand extreme environmental conditions, using sensors which comply with the WMO requirements.

The network features stations which are modular and adaptive to the site’s monitoring requirements; in particular, regarding the hydrometeorological stations, the company has chosen CAE’s rain gauge PMB25 with a 1000 cm2 collecting area, it being a reliable, robust and precise tool.

Due to its accuracy and speed in determining the extent of correct rain intensity, recorded and transmitted to the minute, this sensor is particularly suitable for measuring sudden and intense events. Basically, the PMB25 is the recommended sensor for situations where you fear flash-floods.

CAE is pleased to be able to support with its products the creation of a network with the above purposes, for a customer who recognizes quality as the essential element to ensure the safety of the population.