• Interoperability beyond all limits: Compact dataloggers
    CAE MAGAZINE n.18 - English Version - December 2020
    Interoperability beyond all limits: Compact dataloggers

Interoperability beyond all limits: Compact dataloggers

Compact line’s products are compact, open and customizable and use the most popular scripting languages, such as Python, C, Shell Script, etc. These products are equipped with an on-board web server guaranteeing maximum interoperability.

Its powerful hardware is based on a Linux embedded operating system (Kernel 4) which guarantees flexibility and user-friendly graphic interface and, at the same time, is able to manage very complex algorithms, such as those necessary for alert functions.

Moreover, thanks to its low consumption, small size, modularity and scalability at the hardware, software and installation level, it meets the needs of different application scenarios: from local warning systems, to large distributed monitoring networks, up to the creation of Multi-HAzard Systems (MHAS).

At the Hardware level, Compact is divided into 3 modules:

- Compact: digital acquisition unit;

- Compact Plus: acquisition unit for analogue and digital sensors;

- Plus: expansion for analogue and digital sensors.


CompactPlus has more than 50 inputs/outputs; connecting several modules together, in wired or wireless mode by means of serial remote control devices such as ACTI-Link, it is possible to meet a virtually unlimited range of needs.

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