• ACTI-Link Remote Serial Interface
    ACTI-Link Remote Serial Interface

The ACTI-Link Remote Serial Interface was created to remotely control a serial interface. The typical situation in which the ACTI-Link Remote Serial Interface is used is the serial communication between a station and a sensor installed in a remote location, such as not to be able to be wired. The controller, implemented with a microcontroller board, on the one hand manages a two always-on serial interfaces (one RS232 and one RS485) and on the other the RF communication protocol.

ACTI-Link Remote Serial Interface
Power 12÷14 V
Operating Frequency 868÷870 MHz
Weight 690 g
Housing Protection IP65
Transmission Range With optical visibility up to 5.9 Km, otherwise 3 Km
Dimensions 160 X 40 X 80 mm (l x h x d)
Interfacce Seriali 1 RS232 / 1 RS485
Output Power 23÷27 dBm (500 mW)
Temperature Range -40 °C /+60 °C (-40°F/+140°F)
Receiver Sensitivity -120 dBm

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Zero breakdown technology


Mechanical robustness is guaranteed by:
  • -    the attention to detail, starting with the design phase;
  • -    encoded, tracked and certified production processes;
  • -    the use of high quality materials;
  • -    the experience and training of production engineers.
ZBT allows the risk of sudden failure and loss of data to be minimised, by using:
  • -    redundant elements, which make sure that, if an element breaks, the product sends an alert while operating normally, giving time to intervene with the replacement without losing any data;
  • -    diagnostic sensors of various types, such as the ones for the verification of:
    • o   the correct inclination of the product,
    • o   the quality of the acquired measurement,
    • o   the value of the voltage input,
    • o   the status of inputs and outputs,
    • o   the conditions of the internal temperature,
    • o   the reliability of the RF link between all devices,
    • o   etc.