April 2010
MERCURIO2 is updated to SP2. This release, that introduces major features to MERCURIO2,  is in effect a complete suite, that increase both the efficiency of the monitoring system, and its actual usage.

The new Manager is now available in MERCURIO2 SP2, an extremely powerful visual console dedicated to setting features of the system’s parameters. The configuration windows for the parameters of various devices, combined with a renewed method for system users management, gives back near-infinite possibilities of field stations data management.

With MERCURIO2 SP2 the user, according to the monitoring real needs, can set different operation scenarios. As an example, during an alert, may increase the data acquisition frequency of a determined number of stations to better monitor the phenomena evolution.

Real time operation of MERCURIO2 SP2, more easily manageable by the renewed Control Panel, can now be monitored by users on the network thanks to Sight, which provides valuable information about the automatic activities executed by MERCURIO2 SP2, such as the alternation of polling cycles or data recovery through the DataRescue routine, while maintaining the total function security.