• May 27th: the Citizen Observatory at the European River Symposium 2021
    May 27th: the Citizen Observatory at the European River Symposium 2021

May 27th: the Citizen Observatory at the European River Symposium 2021

July 2021
May 27th: the Citizen Observatory at the European River Symposium 2021

The "European River Symposium 2021" was held on 26 and 27 May. This format was born in 2013 with the aim of increasing efforts to protect, restore and better manage rivers in Europe.

The Symposium allowed to provide information on the state of rivers, highlighting important issues and examples of initiatives that improved the protection and restoration of water courses. The event brought together various European institutions, organizations and firms, which play a key role in protecting or influencing the health and quality of water and river ecosystems.

Among the conference partners there are: European Centre for River Restoration, ECRR; International Association for Water services in the Danube Basin, IAWD; World Wildlife Fund Central and Eastern Europe, WWF CEE; International Network of Basin Organisations, INBO; Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, GWP CEE; International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, ICPR; International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, ICPDR; Ramsar Convention, Ramsar Bureau; The Nature Conservancy, TNC; United Nations Economic Commission Europe, UNECE; Alliance for Water Stewardship, AWS.

The Symposium highlighted the changes in rivers and the specific actions that have been undertaken by the European legislation (Water Framework Directive) and, above all, the possibilities and opportunities presented by the European Green Deal and the European Biodiversity Strategy.

In short, the objectives of the event are:

- providing an integrated perspective on the ecological restoration of rivers to implement the Water Framework Directive;
- ensuring active involvement of sectors impacting rivers (for example, agriculture, production industry, water services, energy, navigation, tourism);
- being a dynamic and interactive event by presenting discussions and panels that ensure dialogue and interaction between all participants.

On this important European stage for the hydrological sector, on Thursday 27th of May at 2.15 pm during the session entitled "Participatory basin management: how to do it & why it matters!", organized by INBO in collaboration with WWF, Eng. Michele Ferri, Director of the Hydraulic, Innovation and Research Department of the Eastern Alps Hydrographic District, presented a success story: the project for the construction of the system and platform for the Citizens Observatory on the Brenta-Bacchiglione UOM (Unit Of Management), within which CAE was responsible for the construction of the hydro-thermo-pluviometric monitoring network, as well as for the provision of data to be published on the platform. To find out more about this project, which is now close to testing, click here.

Complete program of the European River Symposium 2021: click here.

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