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    CAE Technology on K2

CAE Technology on K2

June 2014
"Assembled and operating." These are the words which, starting from K2 base camp at almost 5,000 meters above sea level and bouncing from one satellite to another until Italy, brought to CAE headquarter the news of the installation of the weather station designed and built by the company from Bologna especially for the "Savage Mountain "
After a long journey, started from the Emilia-Romagna capital and ended - for the moment - on the second highest mountain of the world, the sensors of the station are finally running and regularly sending the data collected.
Due to the scientific nature of the expedition, data are available to anyone. In order to know real-time weather conditions monitored by instruments (a thermo-hygrometer, a albedometer, a barometer and an anemometer), it is sufficient to visit the CAE website www.cae.it