• CAE: Ravone stream
    CAE: Ravone stream

CAE: Ravone stream

June 2015
CAE: Ravone stream

CAE contributes to the initiative "Ravone stream and others - Risks and characteristics of the city flows", organized by ARPA Emilia-Romagna and the Municipality of Bologna.
The event will take place on Saturday June 20 during the second edition of the "Week of Civil protection and risk prevention" and consists of a guided tour along the Ravone stream starting from 2.30 pm.
During the tour, characteristics and weaknesses of the river will be illustrated and information will be given about flood risk, monitoring and maintenance of the rivers, alert and rules of behavior in the prevention and emergency.
Arpa recently placed on the Ravone basin, sample of all the same type streams, two stations in telemetry to monitor flood levels and heavy rain in the hilly area of the city which sends data to the control centre of ARPA, allowing real-time monitoring of the river, very important for the security of citizens.
During the tour an SPM20 monitoring station composed by hydrometer and camera, manufactured and installed by CAE on the river, will be shown to the participants.
This station is the first operating segment of the CAE system for the acquisition of weather and hydrological measures collected on the field. Designed as a modular and highly flexible structure, the station can handle a very large number of sensors and special modules that coordinate by themselves to optimize the efficiency of the system.
"We see in a very good light initiatives like this which are intended to bring citizens closer to the risk prevention and territory monitoring. Knowledge of rivers and related risks is essential to become sentries of our territory, to adopt safe behaviors and take the first step to prevent the flood risk resulting from the presence of small streams in areas heavily populated, "says Guido Bernardi, director of development of CAE. "During the emergency hours, what is needed by decision makers from which our safety depends is not monitoring stations or electronic sensors as equipment, but instead data generated by these automatic stations and sensors, the availability of which should be constant, timely and guaranteed.
This is the principle through which CAE has built lasting partnerships with many government agencies, including Arpa Emilia Romagna, "said Bernardi.

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