• CAE inaugurates its new test field - the only in Italy of its kind
    CAE inaugurates its new test field - the only in Italy of its kind

CAE inaugurates its new test field - the only in Italy of its kind

February 2019

CAE provides solutions in order to mitigate risks related to extreme natural events. All the decisions made, from the issuing of a bulletin by a specialized technician, to the automatic switch-on of a traffic light at the entrance to a flooded underpass, depend on the reliability of the initial measurement and of the whole process of data registration and transmission.

This reliability depends on the quality of the specialist services related to the technologies, such as design, installation and maintenance, as well as on the robustness and accuracy of the components and new products developed and used.

To increase the number, the significance and the quality of the great number of tests which all our new products usually undergo, such as sensors or data recording, processing and transmission devices, we have recently inaugurated our new test field, which is already in use: 400 square metres equipped with 25 poles, already wired and powered, which will accommodate several tenths of devices to be tested.

Lorenzo Giandomenico, CAE Technical Director, said: "This new test field allows us to perform much more effective evaluations, useful to increase the level of reliability of the products we put on the market. Moreover it allows us to practically compare CAE products with their equivalents on the market, by installing them in a real environment under equal conditions."

Thanks to the space at our disposal and the characteristics of the surrounding environment, this test field will allow the new products to undergo more frequent and prolonged tests, giving our technicians the possibility to intervene more easily in order to make changes and control operating conditions, thanks to the proximity to the company headquarter.

This investment is an important step forward for our company, as it allow us to perfect our new products, to better understand the limits and strengths of the technologies we acquire by third parties and include in our integrated solutions, as well as to increase the accuracy of the newly developed sensors. It is an important step forward for CAE, as well as a contribution that our leading company brings to all its customers.

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