November 2010

CAE’s experience in Argentina, presented during the “Congreso Internacional de Hidrología de Llanuras”, sponsored by the Hydrologic Institute IHLLA of the Universidad del Centro, gained a great success. The conference, oriented to inter-university scientific subjects, introduced papers of several international researchers, active in different fields. Among these works, special attention has been given to the CAE’s speech about the environment monitoring and flood prevention network installed in the municipality of Azul, Buenos Aires province, in 2005.

The network, six Automatic Whether Stations plus one to be delivered soon, covers a quite concentrated area localized in the municipality of Azul. The main purpose is the permanent monitoring of the water level of the rivers around the town, in order to achieve an early-warning in case of flooding. Secondly, the system provides real-time information to improve the agricultural practice.

During the conference, the monitoring network has been awarded for the perfect operation conditions, from the moment of the installation until now, and for the high efficiency in meeting the needs of the Institute that commissioned the system. After the presentation, IHLLA – in charge of the maintenance of the CAE system, invited the attendees to a guided visit to the monitoring system sites, which raised a lot questions and clear interest by the neighbor towns.

With this first congress, a new technologic-scientific path gets started in Argentina through IHLLA and the country takes the chance to show its own will to recover after the violent crisis that’s just over. The new challenge begins from the research as the base of a conscious development, towards high quality standards. This is a new and advanced establishment for a territory where the price would be the most obvious buying decision factor, not always being able to meet the requirements of a far-seeing long-term strategy.

CAE’s delegation took the chance to highlight the company’s way of working, applied with success since many years: the technical-scientific partnership between the company and the customer as the only effective way to achieve mutual improvements, opening a dialog that will be developed together, looking for new solutions able to meet the customer’s needs.

The project implemented in Argentina – even being very small – and the full-spectrum partnership with the Universidad del Centro, merging top scientific research and high-tech equipments, open the way towards the definition of the criteria to be adopted to design, develop and operate an early-warning hydro-meteorological system, in order to achieve the predefined goals. The dialog has just begun: the way could be very long, but the expectations are very ambitious and deserve the efforts that CAE and IHLLA will produce together.