• Editorial: CAE celebrates 40 years!
    CAE MAGAZINE n.5 - English Version - July 2017
    Editorial: CAE celebrates 40 years!

Editorial: CAE celebrates 40 years!

The 9th of June the Company opened its doors to employees and suppliers to celebrate altogether with their families and friends its 40 years of successful operations. Apart from sharing a good dinner together, the Open Day was the chance for everybody to show their own workplaces and let each other’s families meet.

CAE was founded in 1977 by four electronic engineers and researchers of the Marconi Foundation, specialized in telecommunications, with a well-defined purpose: to offer public and private bodies evolved technologies to monitor the environmental risk due to natural events. Paolo Bernardi, Giancarlo Maria Pedrini, Franco Bertolani and Luigi Lo Vecchio worked hard and first-hand to identify those three unique elements which boosted the company growth: readiness to deliver during emergencies, constant attention to satisfy clients and develop break-through technologies to change the market.

“These distinctive elements transformed a small start-up into the Italian market leader already during the 80ies and they identify our Company until now. We are convinced that this unique positioning has been achieved thanks to the example given by the founders and thanks to all those people who followed, and still follow, their guidelines and dedication.” declares Giorgio Bernardi, member of the Board of Directors. When questioned on the special birthday of CAE, he also adds: “This year is a special occasion for us, that’s why we decided to create a museum dedicated to CAE’s historic technologies and entitle it to Franco Bertolani, one of our founders who passed away in August 2016. We also renewed some of the common spaces within our premises, with a special care about the room dedicated to the spare time of our employees … because we strongly believe that good interpersonal relationships and exchange of ideas can be very important for CAE, and we also believe that these attitudes can be encouraged by a comfortable sofa or a table football, something more than a traditional coffee machine.”

Today we are the Italian company leader in designing, creating and servicing multiple risk alerting and monitoring systems and technologies. We continuously invest in developing reliable, innovative and interoperable technologies useful to preserve the territory and to safeguard the population: we can proudly declare to be a company which “Innovates for a safer world”.


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