• Editorial
    CAE MAGAZINE n.4 - English Version - May 2017


The whole Italy, together with CAE, is proud to house the calculation centre of the European Centre for Medium Weather Forecast-ECMWF in the city of Bologna. The project implies the construction of a modern and efficient headquarter from an energetic point of view, within an innovative scientific environment connected to the competitive, stimulating and fascinating research community of Bologna. We will follow with great interest the progress of this project and the construction of the new Tecnopolo (Technology Park), which will give stimulus and new starting points to the city.

Moreover, in this issue we will talk about some of the latest successes by CAE, in Italy and abroad, concerning different fields of application. Specifically, CAE is going back to Vietnam as a technology supplier, in order to strengthen the hydrometric and pluviometric network in real time within the “Vietnam Managing Natural Hazards Project” (VN-Haz), funded by the World Bank. This project aims at developing the population's resilience, as well as allocating economic resources to face natural hazards in some specific river basins. This will be an opportunity for Vietnam to get in touch with the new technologies offered by the Mhas system. Moreover,  from the network renovation point of view, we will talk about the modernization sponsored by the Consortium for the Reclamation of the Lands around Parma.

Last but not least, CAE is proving to be leader in the landslide monitoring sector, by installing a new system to monitor the landslide in Ponzano (Civitella del Tronto, TE) in Abruzzo. The instability resulted from the effects on the ground of combined actions caused by the earthquake activities of the last months and by the unusual snowfalls occurred in the area during last winter.

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