• ULM30: CAEtech's new ultrasonic level sensor
    CAE MAGAZINE n.3 - English Version - January 2017
    ULM30: CAEtech's new ultrasonic level sensor

ULM30: CAEtech's new ultrasonic level sensor

ULM30 is an ultrasonic level sensor, equipped with its own electronics, with microprocessor and storage memory, available in snow gauge version and in hydrometer version.

The level measurement is done by issuing a series of ultrasonic pulses followed by an analysis of the received echo. The sensor provides the distance from the target surface, offsetting the data based on the air temperature, provided by the built-in thermometer. The quality of the measurement of the latter parameter is guaranteed by the design of the containment structure, already tested with the THS, designed to prevent solar radiation, direct or indirect, or other external phenomena from influencing the measurement of the air temperature.

The sensor has a real time clock and a permanent storage memory and communicates with other modules via: Caenet bus, SDI-12 standard protocol on RS485 and 4-20 mA analogue output.

ULM30 has the duty and the honor of being one of the first CAEtech products, and for this reason is:

• able to interface with all common data logger on the market;

• extremely robust, thanks to the compact design, the absence of contact with the target surface and the absence of moving mechanical parts;

• characterised by low consumption: the sensor is normally in Stand-by mode, from which it exits only when strictly necessary;

• characterised by high reliability thanks to implementation of Zero Breakdown Technology (ZBT) which, in this particular case, corresponds to the presence of various internal diagnostic elements for verification:

            - of battery voltage,

            - of internal temperature conditions,

            - of the correct inclination,

            - of the quality of the measurement acquired.


- the sampling intervals for level and temperature measurement can be programmed by the user:

- possibility of remote control via a wireless module, such as ACTI-Link, thus eliminating all problems due to cable connection;

- the sensor software is reprogrammable, also remotely, without the need to replace any components.