• Editorial
    CAE MAGAZINE n.3 - English Version - January 2017


We start 2017 with the third issue of the international version of CAE Magazine.

First of all, this issue will tell about the 35 CAE rain gauges traveling to Argentina, towards the Buenos Aires province, where they will be featured into a new monitoring network for drought and for flood alert.

A considerable space will be then dedicated to technology, an everlasting element of pride for our company which since 1977 has been proposing innovative solutions ahead of its time. In particular, this issue will present the features of the new ULM30, available as hydrometer and as ultrasonic snow gauge, and further consideration will be given to the detail of the direct access function from the browser of Mhaster, the datalogger that for the past three years has allowed CAE to distinguish itself from all competitors.

Finally, it should be recalled that from 7 to 13 December the 15th session of the WMO’s Commission for Hydrology (CHy) took place in Rome, and simultaneously, in the same premises, CAE took part on the ongoing HydroExpoRome exhibition.

Enjoy your read.