• CAE launches CAEtech in the UAE
    CAE MAGAZINE n.2 - English Version - November 2016
    CAE launches CAEtech in the UAE

CAE launches CAEtech in the UAE

Following the launch of CAEtech - CAE’s new line of products – at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Madrid, the company now lands in the United Arab Emirates, continuing the international promotion for its new solutions.

CAE was featured as a Networking partner in the 2nd edition of WeatherTech GCC, a meeting held by the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council: Cooperation Council of the Gulf States), focusing on issues related to meteorology technologies. The event was held on November 1st & 2nd in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates and also capital of the emirate of the same name.

The Persian Gulf area is characterized by complex microclimates, but in general it’s hot and dry during most of the year, with overall low rainfall. Nevertheless, there are isolated events with heavy rainfall, which are difficult to predict both in terms of their evolution and in their effects on soil, and therefore particularly critical.

As it happens in other areas of the world, here the trends determined by climate change suggest an aggravation of this scenario and make it even more important and urgent to face the future with investments in innovation, skills and technology.

WeatherTech was an opportunity for CAE to enter new markets, create relationships with some local realities, and evaluate with the various players (professionals, leaders, innovators, legislators) the technologies present on the territory, and the possible solutions and strategies to implement in order to address climate change.

A high-profile showcase for CAE and CAEtech.

For all event information and program:  http://www.weathertechgcc.com/