Case history


Serbia National Disaster Risk Management Program - Hydrological and UHF equipment


In July 2019, Italian technology has been chosen to implement the new Hydrological and UHF Communication Network in Serbia, within the Project “Serbia National Disaster Risk Management Program”.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - Directorate for Water, Republic of Serbia, on behalf of Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, has received financing from the World Bank, for the procurement of Hydrological and UHF Equipment.

The project aims at the realization of an Early Warning System, based on open technologies and established reference standards in the monitoring field, able to meet the current requirement of territory knowledge, as well as the future ones according to the increasing knowledge of the monitoring phenomena.


The project represents the most effective way to accomplish and modernize the Hydrological System for Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia. Delivery, installation and testing of hydrological equipment and the realization of the first UHF radio transmission system as well as supporting services during warranty period represents the main characteristics of this project.

The UHF transmission system together with mobile communication guarantees the highest reliability and minimum loss of data, especially during emergency, easy operation, possibility of system query according to needs and the lowest operating costs.

The system provided is a modular, flexible and multipurpose instrument and the technology allows the integration of various monitoring requirements. The proposed system will allow the purchaser to rely on a valid instrument for territory knowledge, which will produce a wide range of organized information concerning the current environmental problems.

The system assures an optimum monitoring of the meteorological phenomena of the territory, a rapid and efficient spreading of alerts aimed at reducing environmental risks, for civil defence and human safety purposes.


The project includes all elements necessary to guarantee the achievement of the highest targets, in terms of constant operation of the system, “robustness” of equipment, durability over me and accuracy of data and includes:

  • 65 hydrological monitoring stations equipped with different kind of water level sensors (radar, pressure, bubble, shaft encoder);
  • UHF radio communication network consisting of 1 radio base station and 4 repeaters;
  • Control centre, including several CAE software for network management and data visualization;
  • Full and continued staff training;
  • Guaranteed technical assistance.