Case history


An integrated system for environmental monitoring and remote forest fire detection for the regional territory of Puglia


Puglia's regional wooded area presents a high fire risk whilst fire-fighting operations are very complex if not accompanied by technological support systems, capable of introducing innovations in support of the worker’s activities.

ARIF has set itself the goal of creating a fire monitoring system for protecting the forest areas at greater risk, which will make the best use of both human and material resources available.



The proposed forest fire monitoring system provides operators with a complete and detailed view of the events under observation.

All installations - including the stations, the radio communication systems, sensors and headquarters - are designed with a specific approach: modularity and ease of expansion.

The system is able to:

  • Calculate the ignition risk indices of a fire outbreak
  • Continuously video-monitor the area, thanks to the use of high-zoom cameras that can be controlled remotely
  • Early and automatically detect the ignition of an outbreak thanks to the use of infrared cameras and immediately alert operators
  • Integrate predictive models able to represent on geo-referenced maps the likely propagation of the flame front


The Puglia region forest fire monitoring system relies on a telecommunication architecture using a dedicated microwave radio relay, a dedicated UHF radio network and a GPRS/UMTS, system and is comprised of:

  • 1 Centre of Operations with software for the management, remote control and collection of images, scans and weather data from the field stations. The fulcrum of the alert system is the web-based CAE software, Fi.De.Sys2 (Fire Detection System).
  • Secondary sites
  • 6 remote monitoring stations for remote fire detection, each consisting of the following main components:
    • 1 panoramic fire identification complex, housed on a dedicated automated pan-tilt mechanism and comprised of 1 infra-red thermal camera and 1 high-resolution camera in the visible spectrum
    • 1 dome camera
    • 1 complete weather station
    • 1 security and video surveillance system